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Sizzle & Swing
Jazzin' Up Food

by Erin Dickins ©2014, Hard Cover, ISBN: 978-1-935232-83-4, 64 pp

Book includes Erin's latest CD release"Java Jive"

Sizzle & Swing is about about combining a love for jazz with a passion for cuisine.  Inspired by the various tracks on her new album, "Java Jive,"  Erin had fun selecting some of her favorite recipes to pair with her music. Plus, she's added lots of stories about her experiences in music and cooking. "It’s amazing how much they are intertwined," she says.  Erin is also proud to announce the launch of a new line of lightly salted herbal seasonings—Sizzle & Swing™—used throughout her cookbook.


6 Forward

9 Lemon Pepper Pappardelle

11 Steak Frites

15 Zeppole

17 Bennies and Bloodies

21 Pho Ga

25 Shrimp Ceviche Martini Salad

27 Lobster Mac & Cheese

29 Carrot Curry Soup

31 Spinach Pie

33 Cre`me Brulee

37 Baked Chicken Dinner

41 Omelette with Crab

and Tarragon Cre`me

45 Middle Eastern MEZZE Platter

47 Mom’s Hangover Fried Rice

49 Smoked Salmon Mousse

51 Janet’s Easy Mini Cake

54 About the Author

60 About the Music

63 Sizzle & Swing™ Seasonings

64 CD Credits

I hope you have as much fun listening and cooking as I have had preparing the music and recipes! Here’s a little back story for you….


“Java Jive” is a tune close to my heart. I learned about it from my best friend, Pat Rosalia, and I will never forget her grin when she presented to us (The Manhattan Transfer) as a candidate for recording. So it is fitting – and really fun – to revisit this gem.


And even more fun to reconnect with the original members of The Manhattan Transfer – Tim Hauser, Marty Nelson and Gene Pistilli – who performed a beautiful arrangement of “Java Jive” created by Marty.


“Java Jive” conjures up images of our early career sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee and singing for hours on end, developing and shaping the incredible vocal harmonies that emerged as The Manhattan Transfer we all know and love today. We shared many meals together, pooling what little money we had to enjoy a homecooked spaghetti dinner and a little red wine.


On Sundays, Pat and Gene would often treat us to zeppole, an absolutely sinful Italian pastry made by frying dough with ricotta cheese (they taste a little bit like a beignet), and covering it in any number of equally sinful toppings. We washed it down with strong – almost syrupy – black coffee.


I can still picture Pat in her small kitchen on 1st Avenue and 3rd St. in New York. I thought she was an amazing cook, as was Gene. They taught me about truly authentic Italian peasant cuisine - simple, nourishing and comforting all at once.


Since then I have taken quite a culinary journey alongside my musical career. Coming off a long tour or weeks in the studio, I relished the opportunity to recharge my physical and creative batteries in the kitchen.


I went so far as to invest in a couple of restaurants in New York City, and even did a stint as a line cook to tune up my “timing” chops. I boned up on wines with Les Amis du Vin, studied charcuterie at the New York Restaurant School, and self-taught my way through Escoffier’s stocks, demi, and full glazes. I loved exploring many international cuisines, and hosting elaborate dinner parties for friends and family.


To me, the marriage of great food and great music is a no brainer. I don’t know many good musicians who do not dabble in the culinary arts. It makes sense: both music and food are creative, compelling and sensual arts.


So it occurred to me that if musicians are having a love affair with food, then what about music lovers? What do they eat or drink when listening to a great CD? What if they haven’t learned to cook yet? We like to pair a fine wine with our meal, so what about pairing a fine meal with our music? My goal with this book is to give you simple, easy to prepare and delicious menu ideas to enjoy with music. Good food and good music should be accessible. No Cordon Bleu education required – anybody who loves music can cook! It’s all about the feel and the mood and the passion, right? So let’s get started!

"Jazz and food is a hot trend for musicians and Erin Dickins’ Sizzle & Swing – Jazz for Foodies is out in front. It’s a wonderful read and the recipes and music complement each other perfectly! She had me at “Steak Frites!”


Barb Sennett Hauser – Barb The Chef – TrueHeart Productions, Los Angeles


“This book will make you drool with envy, trust me: I'm French and we don't mess with food. And Erin is both adroit and dedicated in cooking and making music. I went through some of her recipes and, let me tell you, it means a lot of things because she's got that thing!! If all goes well, this piece of work should reach the top of the charts in the two categories. I'd say bull's eye!!! Cheers and enjoy!”


Olivier Cauvin, Jazz and Rock Music Reviewer, Paris.

Erin Dickins has had the kind of career singers dream about. After founding and singing ensemble music with The Manhattan Transfer for five years, she continued to expand her musical horizons, emerging as one of the top recording studio singers in New York.  Erin performed, toured and recorded with such notable artists as Bette Midler, James Taylor, The Talking Heads, James Brown, Barry Manilow, Leonard Cohen, Jaco Pastorius and Ashford & Simpson, to name but a few.  Erin continues to perform and record, enchanting audiences throughout the world.


Erin is also no newcomer to the food world. She studied at the New York Restaurant School and spent many years self-studying Escoffier’s basics. She was an active member of Les Amis du Vin in New York City, and in 1978, started the Manhattan restaurant, Possible 20, with a consortium comprised of 20 world-class recording musicians. Possible 20 quickly became the hang-out for the entire New York recording and theatre scenes. Erin was also manager and chef at Jose Sent Me, a Tex-Mex café founded by the same consortium.


Sizzle & Swing

  • Sizzle & Swing
  • Sizzle & Swing
  • Sizzle & Swing

Price: $24.95

Erin Dickins






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