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Praise for ComteQ Publishing

"ComteQ Publishing has provided outstanding input and compilation of many projects designed to assist educators in teaching about the Holocaust and genocide. Rob Huberman has guided many survivors in publishing their memoirs and assisted the Commission in developing Words for All Time, a book of student letters to survivors. His efforts, I believe, will aid in the battle against bias, bigotry and prejudice wherever and whenever they exist."

Dr. Paul B. Winkler, Executive Director, New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education

"I have had the privilege to work with ComteQ on several of my own book projects as well as on publication projects of Richard Stockton College's Sam and Sara Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center. As opposed to working with a university or traditional press, ComteQ provides a "boutique" experience for its authors. Publisher Rob Huberman has infinite patience, excellent listening skills and great sensitivity. He marries these attributes with a high degree of professionalism and with individual attention: the author is paramount."

Dr. G. Jan Colijn, Dean of General Studies,, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Author, Ruins Wheel

"It was a delight to work with Rob Huberman. His creativity and devotion to the project helped me to develop a much-improved version of my work. His guidance and attention to details were invaluable. His hands-on publishing style, available to authors only from a small, independent publisher such as ComteQ, served me wonderfully in creating my book. I am very pleased with its final outcome."

Luna Kaufman, Holocaust Survivor and Author, Luna's Life

"It has been a wonderful experience working with Rob Huberman. He very much helped to improve the product, made sure the price was good and he helped me to become successful. I lecture in schools and colleges about my experiences during the Holocaust and I have sold more than ten thousand books. I don't think I could have done it without Rob and ComteQ Publishing."

Fred Spiegel, Holocaust Survivor and Author, Once the Acacias Bloomed

"I have been working with Rob Huberman for over six years. He has published a number of Holocaust memoirs that I have edited or written with survivors. The survivors and I have been impressed with Rob's careful and professional handling of details and with the quality of the books as well as with his competitive pricing. I never hesitate to recommend ComteQ Publishing."

Maryann McLoughlin, Pd.D., Editor, Portraits of Resilience

"Since this was my first publishing endeavor, I required the direction of a publisher who would not only guide me through the process, but more importantly provide me with the advice I needed to make decisions along the way. I feel very fortunate to have received this guidance and support from Rob Huberman. He truly enhanced the experience of editing our book. ComteQ Publishing was instrumental in our being an award winner in the 2009 National Best Book Awards. I recommend Rob Huberman to other authors who will benefit from his publishing experience."

Leo B. Schoffer, Editor, A Dream • A Journey • A Community

"It has been my pleasure to work with Rob Huberman for over ten years. He has been a friend and a guide and his insight into publishing and distribution have been extremely helpful. I have complete praise for Rob and he certainly has my confidence and full support. His concern for people and for subject matter cannot be matched. "

Dr. Leo Lieberman, Associate Prof. Holocaust Studies, Author, Memories of Laughter & Garlic; Three Couches, No Waiting

"When my Holocaust memoir was finally ready to be published, chance brought me to ComteQ's Rob Huberman. Because he cares deeply about the Shoah on a personal level, Rob took special interest in me and my book. He patiently guided me through the entire difficult process with professionalism and sensitivity, and was meticulous in everything he did. I was the recipient of much attention and understanding, and I will always be grateful to him for a beautiful book."

Evelyn Ripp, Holocaust Survivor and Author, The Abandoned: A Life Apart from Life

"I have had a very positive experience working with Rob Huberman. His understanding of the vision for my book and his attention to detail regarding its production were extraordinary. I wanted a partnership with a publisher and that is what I have achieved in working with Rob. He has worked tirelessly to forge connections with New Jersey educators to serve as a comprehensive resource for Holocaust and tolerance education in the classroom."

Dr. Staci Schwartz, Author, The New Bear on the Block

Never underestimate the importance of a publisher with infinite patience and expertise. I was lucky enough to find that publisher in the person of Rob Huberman and ComteQ Publishing. It is rare to find someone with such a caring attitude and concern for his work. Hopefully, this book is just the first step in a long collaboration regarding Holocaust education.

Ralph Berger, Editor, With Courage Shall We Fight

"Ever since working with ComteQ as my publisher, I have nothing but praise for the way Rob Huberman handles the publishing of my book. He understands the intensely personal aspect connected with the writing of a memoir, especially one of the Holocaust genre. We who have survived the Holocaust know how important it is to get our stories out into the world. He has always shown me unfailing tact, personal attention and a willingness to adjust to my deadlines, and the finished product has exceeded my expectations. I have recommended Rob to many of my friends and have no hesitation in doing so in the future."

Betty Grebenchikoff, Holocaust Survivor and Author, Once My Name Was Sara

"It has been a pleasure to work with ComteQ Publishing. I was given the opportunity to meet Rob Huberman through a connection from Stockton College's Holocaust Resource Center. Rob was able to guide me through the process of publishing a book about my grandmother's experiences during the Holocaust. He responds with timeliness, experience, and provides unconditional support for the great need to continue Holocaust education through the eyes of the survivors."

Shana Fogarty, Author, Of a Comb and a Prayerbook

As a publisher who is particularly interested in subjects related to the Holocaust, but not exclusively so, I was highly satisfied with your publication of my book and have recommended you to several other people. Dealing with you has been a most pleasant experience.

Doris Pfeffer, Holocaust Survivor & Author, Dancing Among Shadows

"After searching for a publisher, I was fortunate to contact Betty Grebenschikoff (another author published by ComteQ), who put me in touch with ComteQ. Working with Rob Huberman and ComteQ Publishing was a hugely rewarding experience. I found Rob to be pleasant to work with, flexible and creative, and responsible for the fine product of my book. I am most grateful for his efforts on my behalf."

Ellis Jacob, Author, The Shanghai I Knew

"ComteQ's Rob Huberman gave me invaluable input and comments during the time I was completing the book about my family during the Holocaust. I was unfamiliar with the process of publishing and Rob patiently guided me through it. I sifted through hundreds of family letters while writing and Rob's advice about the final form of the text was extremely helpful. His comments and attention to detail focused on essentials. When I finally had the book in my hands, complete with its brilliant cover design, I was delighted with the result."

Ida Luftig, Holocaust survivor, Author, Letters from the End of a Dark Tunnel

Rob Huberman is one of the rare publishers who shows great sensitivity for the manuscripts he accepts. He has helped many authors to express their painful memories regarding the Holocaust, making their thoughts and feelings understandable to the readers. I highly recommend his work, especially to the many survivors of those difficult times who have a story to tell and a legacy to leave to their children and grandchildren."

Anne L. Fox, Holocaust Survivor and Author, Between the Lines

Rob Huberman  and I have worked together on a memoir, a poetry collection, and an anthology of my writing class's work.  What a relief and pleasure it was to work with someone of Rob's expertise and helpfulness.  Despite his full schedule, Rob never let a phone call or email go unanswered and he never allowed a promise to go unfulfilled.  At Rob Huberman's Comteq Publishing, I found a publisher who is a wealth of knowledge and integrity. I was thrilled and proud to hold each finished product in my hands.

Eva Feeley, author, Listen to Me, Young Lady and Survivors of Snake Bites, editor, Storms and Sunshine

Rob designed a fantastic cover, called for a makeover of chapter headings and generally offered excellent advice. The result is something I am proud of and the feedback has been, well, flattering.

Dick Sheeran, News Hound

I appreciate the professional manner in which my book was handled by Rob Huberman and ComteQ. Rob made a difficult process quite easy and the printed book has matched my expectations. ComteQ's website is first rate and everything has been handled to my satisfaction.

Stephen Kramer, Author, Encountering Israel

"Rob Huberman was excellent for me as a first time author. He was patient, competent and knowledgeable, and conscientious to see that the final printed book was accurate and well presented. All of his sound advice has helped me achieve a successful publishing experience."

D.William Subin

ComteQ Publishing has been excellent. I am able to comfortably discuss ideas and decisions with Rob. He always puts my best interest before his own.

Logan Chipkin, Author, Heart of Ice


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